Nothing Rhymes with Orange

So - this is where the magic happens - the book.  The first real book I've wanted to write from beginning to end and back again.  It is slow going, I won't lie.  But the ideas are there and they are solid and sound.  Wish me luck!

Nothing Rhymes with Orange

By Cresta McGowan


Struggle. A word loosely thrown out for problems resembling problems. Parents forcing you to do the right thing, teachers not letting up on you in school, friends swiveling like a merry go round, on again-off again; and boys, boys making your head spin and your heart ache. Brooke Wensley convinced herself these were real problems. Turns out, she only borrowed trouble and created her own world of hurt, taking her life in a direction it never should have gone. The question remains for her; can she bring her life back?

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